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Extensions can vary cost wise, as they can all be so different. Size, specification, location, all come into it. We always like to provide an extension quote when there is technical drawings and engineers drawings, that way we can provide customers with an accurate quote.

Before work commencement we would provide clients with a target timescale for completion of works.  We never compromise on quality and this is factored into our timescales.

We cover all aspects of works from design to completion working alongside architects, structural engineers and sub contractors which allows us to provide a full design and build service. Once the project under way we work with building standards and arrange inspections of works as required and all paperwork to ensure a hassle free contract for the customer.

All workmanship and materials come with a guarantee. The length of guarantee depends on materials as each has varying lengths of times. This can be advised at acceptance of works

At Bannan Building Contractors Ltd, we work alongside all sub contractor trades, architects, structural engineers and building inspectors. We will also take the stress away from clients by organising everything from deliveries to building standards inspections.

We can provide estimates from experience. However, an estimate can change dramatically when you are issued with architects technical drawings and engineers drawings.

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